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Tools you need:

(1) A Hotplate

(2) Brushes

(3) Tjanting

(4) Colour Dye

(5) Cloth

(6) Batik Fixer

(7) Dropper

(8) Palette

(9) A Wooden Frame

(10) Newspaper

(11) Bee Wax

(12) Iron


Mrs Leong's clear step-by-step instructions to show how easy it is to use techniques of tracing, waxing, colouring and framing.


Step 1:

Step 2:

  • Trace design onto cloth and pin design onto strecher.

  • Melt wax in a bowl.

  • Apply wax along the outline of design by using the tjanting.


Step 3: Step 4:
  • Mix colour and apply onto the design.

  • Wait for colours to dry completely.

  • Apply fixer onto design to prevent the colour from fading.

  • Leave the design with fixer on for 8 hours or more.


Step 5: Step 6:
  • Put Design into the Boiling water to remove the wax.

  • Wash design immediately with tap water.

  • Repeat the washing process.

  • Immediately iron dry the design.


Disclaimer: Due to differing conditions, tools and individual skills, the author of this website cannot be responsible for any injuries, losses and other damages which may result from the use of information contained in this website.